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Select The Best Medical Alert System In Florida

You have just received a call from a loved one who lives in Florida. They have had a stroke and they are worried about how they can deal with the situation alone. One of the most important decisions for you to make is what Medical Alert System is going to be the best choice for […]

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Medical Alert Systems, What’s The Right Age To Start?

Medical Alert Systems can be worn by any age. The picture of the baby makes fun of that fact, and certainly we would not place Medical Alert Systems on a baby. I believe anyone that reaches the age of 55 qualifies to wear Medical Alert Systems. The main reason we wear Medical Alert Systems is […]

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The What If Button

By: Dorothy Samuels, senior advisor What if you stepped off the curb and broke your foot? Your friends would help if they were there. You would lean on them. What if you slipped on the way to the bathroom at 3 AM and couldn’t get up? You’d skitter on your backside to the phone across […]

Medical Alert Systems, Pal Button, The Villages Fl

Do Your Kids Push Your Buttons?

By: Rose Samuels, Senior Advisor You pick up the phone and are happy to hear from your eldest.  He fills you in on the grandkids antics, activities and achievements.  The conversation is wonderful UNTIL…he asks “are you remembering to take your pills?” Why do grown kids think that when you get older you get stupid?  […]


By: Gerry Trimble I couldn’t believe it when I heard.   In fact, I still don’t believe it even though it’s been more than 4 months. Let me start at the beginning.   The phone rang at 6A.M. I answered it and heard crying.  It was my friend Carol telling me that my husband’s golf buddy, Stuart […]