PAL Mobile Tracker


Can’t find Mom or Dad?

Independence is a grand and glorious thing – especially in retirement. You are old enough to appreciate life and then some! But if your grown kids call and don’t find you home…or at the other end of your cell phone…they panic. Wouldn’t it be great if they could click a button and see that you’re ok? What if you were in trouble? The luxury of having a button to click and a person to speak to who knows who you are,  where you are and gets you  help immediately is here.

couple-wearing-blue Introducing PAL Mobile Tracker

an affordable solution

So easy to use. Wear it , click it and get the help you need….anytime – anywhere you are in the USA.

One powerful compact unit….

  • Weighs less than 2 oz.
  • Built in click to talk speaker microphone
  • Built in locate-me now GPS technology (Your location will be pinpointed even iif you don’t click the button)
  • Long life re-chargeable battery lasts up to three days
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Your family can see your location by accessing GPS with computer or Smart Phone

PAL Mobile Tracker is a personalized system designed for your safety,

convenience and independence. PAL Mobile Tracker is peace of mind for you

and your family for as low as $30.00 per month!*



*When combined with PAL Home Alert – Additional Fees may apply – Call for details