How It Works


PAL BUTTON uses a simple  4 part alert system that is

unmatched for reliability and ease of use.


 the buttonThe Button

Press the BUTTON in times of emergency or non-emergency.The BUTTON waterproof and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.


base unitThe Alert Base Unit

The Base Unit is immediately activated and loud and clear 2-way voice  is  opened (similar to an intercom).  You are able talk directly to your personal care manager by speaking into the air. Unlike many of our competitors, we stay on the line with you during an emergency–and we don’t disconnect until you are safe

care responseThe Care Response Center

Your PAL BUTTON Personal Care Manager has paramedic training and is certified to administer real time help while simultaneously relaying your vital information to the dispatch medical team as they speed to your aid. This unique certification gives PAL Button subscribers the quickest, most reliable service in the nation.

lockboxThe Key Safe Lock Box

 Paramedics gain easy entry to your home with the combination of your Key Safe Lock Box. No need to remember the combination, we will give it to the EMS.


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