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Available Plans

Monthly Plan: $57.50/month

Quarterly Plan: $172.50/3 months

Annual Plan: $660.00/year (Save $35.00)

Introducing the PAL Mini Elite Combo

The ultimate product combination for those who are looking for complete safety coverage inside and out of the home. The PAL Combo offers one button that operates both the home and mobile units simultaneously. Ideal for those that may have hearing challenges, or those that have larger homes, as there is a 1400+ ft range connection enhancing communication making it loud and clear. This system also has a wearable option so that you never have to take the button off. System has nationwide GPS coverage so that users are protected anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Includes a secure lock box for home providing quick entry for paramedics.

  • Ideal for two users at the same time

  • In-home unit can be accessed up to 1400 ft 

  • Best system for those hearing impaired. 

  • Offers voice guidance and high-quality audio speaker 

  • Mobile unit comes with a detachable lanyard, is water resistant and weighs only 52 grams

  • No landline required

  • Waterproof help buttons

  • Two-way communication with built-in speaker

  • Fashion accessory available so button can be worn discreetly

  • Compatible with automatic fall detection

  • 24/7 US Based monitoring


PAL Mini Elite Combo-System

  • Once you place your order, a representative from Pal Button will contact you to confirm your order details. During this call, we will:


    • Collect the Upfront Programming/Setup Fee: A $250 fee will be collected during the confirmation call.
    • Confirm Your Plan and Payment: The total charge for your selected plan will be collected upfront for three months (monthly fee multiplied by 3) during the call.
    • Address Shipping and Delivery: We will discuss any applicable shipping costs or in-person delivery options for local customers.

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