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Remote Patient Monitoring

Our goal is to help seniors thrive by creating additional resources for physicians to connect and communicate with their patients. If you are a healthcare provider or home healthcare agency, we offer customized options to provide patient-centric solutions. Our devices create two-way communication where the patient provides information regularly through our system and the physician can review and reach out when there are concerns.  


The benefits of this real time delivery of patient information include:  

  1. Healthier patient outcomes, reducing ER visits and the length of hospital stays

  2. Increases physician work capacity by communicating with the patient in real time while reducing cumbersome follow up appointments

  3. Reduces health concerns for high-risk patients by limiting exposure to other patient illnesses they could come into contact within clinics and hospitals

  4. Provides better chronic care management to reduce flare ups and exacerbation

  5. Increase patient education about their health and empower them to feel more engaged in their treatment plan

Our systems can be a bridge between healthcare providers and patients, delivering important information instantly in a seamless way. 

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For more information on how Personal Alert Link can support you and your patients, Call Now 800 881 8746

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