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Why Choose PAL?

Family comes first, and as a family-owned company, we consider each PAL Button user family.


The PAL Difference
PAL Button is a family-owned business that provides seniors and their families peace of mind with simple, reliable personal emergency devices. We offer personalized services that many big corporate competitors cannot. Each PAL user’s satisfaction and safety is paramount, so we spend ample time ensuring customers are matched with the perfect device that fits their lifestyle and helping customers set up and activate their systems. We offer in-home system set ups for those living in The Villages and virtual meetings for those outside of our area.  We truly care for our PAL Button customers and want each person to feel completely comfortable and prepared should an emergency situation occur.

We are proud to have served thousands of users nationwide over our 30 years in business and we have been the preferred medical alert device provider in The Villages, Florida, for over 15 years, as our headquarters is located within the community. 

We understand that purchasing a medical alert system can feel daunting as there are so many devices and services available. As a family-owned company for over 30 years, PAL Button team members are experts in helping you determine what products are best for you or your family members.  We are here to guide you through the process – either on the phone, via a virtual meeting, or in person in The Villages Community – to choose the best system for your lifestyle.

“My wife felt faint and pushed her PAL Button. I wasn’t home. She had a stroke and was saved from permanent damage because of PAL’s quick response.”

Jack, Nassau County

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